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Focus: Fiber Exhibition
March1, 2019 - July 28, 2019
Kent State University Museum

Textile Art Alliance

The Textile Art Alliance (TAA) is a Friends group of the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA). Its mission is to increase appreciation of the textile arts through lectures, workshops, and exhibitions, and to enlarge the textile collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art. 

Membership is open to everyone.


    Calling all fiber artists, quilters, weavers, knitters, wearable art enthusiasts, designers, makers, craftspeople, textile art historians, educators and collectors – come share your interest in fiber art and textiles by becoming a member of the Textile Art Alliance (TAA) of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

    You will have the opportunity to share your interests and meet other like-minded individuals at lectures, workshops, educational programs, our annual members’ meeting and the TAA Wearable Art Market.  TAA plans a full schedule of programs and events to introduce you to new techniques, master artists, and innovative ideas and approaches to fiber art and textiles.

     TAA Membership is open to anyone interested in contemporary or historic textiles and fiber arts. Membership in the Cleveland Museum of Art is required to become a TAA member.


    • A full annual program of textile and fiber arts events –
    • TAA members attend lecture for free and receive a discount on most workshops, Play Days and collection visits.
    • Priority registration for Workshops and Play Days
    • Advance notification of TAA events

    • Monthly updates on TAA activities and other area fiber arts events through the TAA e-News
    •  Show your fiber artwork in TAA member shows

    •  Discounts at local area fiber arts stores (see list below)
    • Meet fiber artists, educators and textile enthusiasts when you become an active part of the fiber art movement in Northeast Ohio

                    Membership* Fee Options (annual fee unless otherwise noted)

              Individual -  $75

              Student -      $10 with current student ID

              Sustaining - $100

                    Patron -     $150

              Lifetime --    $600 (one-time payment)

    ***Cleveland Museum of Art membership is required to become a TAA member.***     See the Cleveland Museum of Art website for membership categories and associated fees.

                                         For more information, please contact:

     President: Barbara Lubinski Membership Chair:  Sandy Heller    

    330-283-4627 330-819-9634                    


    The Textile Art Alliance (TAA), an affiliate group of The Cleveland Museum of Art, is an active organization of artists, designers, craftspeople, educators, and collectors with a common interest in the textile and the fiber arts.  


    Formed in 1934, TAA's purpose is to promote the fiber arts through exhibitions, educational programs and purchases to enlarge the textile collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art.


    To date, approximately fifty pieces have been purchased for the museum's textile collections. These gifts have ranged from Peruvian weavings dated 200 BC to works by contemporary artists such as Lenore Tawney, Glen Kaufman and Jon Eric Riis.


    Textile Art Alliance

    was a 

    Presenting Sponsor

    Renaissance Splendor:

    Catherine de'Medici's Valois Tapestries

    Nov 18, 2018 - Jan 21, 2019

    One of the most precious and celebrated tapestry series of the Uffizi Gallery collection, it portrays members of the Valois royal family at the magnificent festivals held by the French court from 1564 to 1573, with borders richly decorated with floral motifs, grotesques, fruit and putti. 

    The series is composed of eight tapestries, woven with wool, silk, silver and gilt metal-wrapped thread, commissioned around 1575 by Catherine de’ Medici to an unidentified Brussels atelier, based on cartoons by Lucas de Heere from drawings by court painter Antoine Caron.

    Catherine de’ Medici, Queen of France, portrayed in her widow’s weeds in seven of the eight tapestries, probably commissioned the series for political reasons to honor the Valois family, and her granddaughter Christina of Lorraine brought it to Florence in 1589 as part of her dowry for her marriage to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinando I de’ Medici. The tapestries value recorded in the Medici inventory of the time was 3520 scudi, the equivalent of about one million dollars today.  On view for the first time in North America, the recently restored Valois Tapestries, a unique set of 16th-century hangings, are unveiled in this exhibition. These fascinating and enigmatic tapestries were commissioned by Catherine de’ Medici, the indomitable queen mother of France, to celebrate the royal Valois dynasty against a backdrop of great political strife and social upheaval. Soon after their creation in Brussels, the eight room-sized hangings accompanied Catherine’s granddaughter, Christina of Lorraine, when the young princess traveled to the Medici court in Florence as the bride of Ferdinand I de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. 

    Woven with wool, silk, and precious metal-wrapped threads, the tapestries are rich in both their materials and intricate subject matter. Life-sized, full-length portraits of the French king, princes, and princesses, situated prominently in the foreground, lock eyes with the viewer and present detailed scenes of court pageants and festivities. Juxtaposing the tapestries with paintings, drawings, and exquisite art objects of the period, Renaissance Splendor: Catherine de’ Medici’s Valois Tapestries introduces the colorful and sometimes infamous characters associated with the hangings, and it explores the tapestries’ role as an artistic and political statement involving two of the most powerful European dynasties of the Renaissance—the Valois and the Medici—and their respective power bases in Paris and Florence. Among the most admired, ambitious, and costly artistic endeavors of their time, the Valois Tapestries embody the pageantry, splendor, and political intrigue of Renaissance Europe.