TAA Acquisitions


As an affiliate group of the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Textile Art Alliance (TAA) is an active organization of artists, designers, craftspeople, educators, and collectors with a common interest in the textile and fiber arts. Formed in 1934, TAA’s purpose is to promote the fiber arts through exhibitions, educational programs and purchases to enlarge the textile collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Membership is open to anyone interested in contemporary or historic textiles, and to artisans working in the textile medium.

TAA has mounted an exhibition of members’ work since 1936. In 1977 TAA members coordinated and curated FIBERWORKS. This landmark international invitation at CMA marked the first contemporary fiber art exhibition at a major American art museum. The show became Focus Fiber and expanded to a regional juried show in 1997 and to a national juried show in 2014. TAA events such as the Annual Fashion Show and Boutique provide funds to the Museum to acquire textiles for its collection. Shown below are some examples of recent acquisitions of contemporary fiber artworks. 


Mitsuko Asakura, (Japanese, b. 1940s)
Waltz, 2007
Plain weave; silk
H. ca. 61 x W. ca.182.9 cm (ca. 2 x 6 ft.)
Judith Poxson Fawkes
Mt. St. Helens, 2013
linen inlay tapestry
27.5" x 30.5
Shihoko Fukumoto, (Japanese, b. 1945)
Tsushima – V, 2009  
Hemp, old kimono; indigo dye     
H: ca. 183 cm. (6 ft.)
Shihoko Fukumoto, (Japanese, b. 1945)
Zodiac, 1999
Cotton, indigo dye, Oridatami shibori, discharge dye
230.1 x 499.9 cm. (7.6 x 16.4 ft.)
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